Our Story


In case the red, white and green didn’t give it away, Piave blood runs Italian – but we’ve always called Melbourne home. Founded in 1993 by Louis Crema and Anthony Schieven, who decided to pour their passion into concrete, we’ve since set the solid foundations for thousands of Melbourne buildings and homes. Now, still family-owned and run, a passionate new generation is propelling Piave into the future.

Committed to quality

We pride ourselves on doing things perfectly, and offering the solutions others aren’t. And though it’s us that has already set the standard for the industry, we’ll continue to push ourselves to move the bar higher and higher. We’re constantly evolving to meet our customers’ needs, testing new innovations and processes that have the potential to make our product even better. Our concrete plants are strategically located in Fairfield & Port Melbourne, so we can service Tier 1 sites as well as the broader Melbourne suburbs. We’re not the biggest, but we’re the best. We’re the experts in concrete. We are Piave.


Piave was founded in 1993 by Anthony Schieven and Louis Crema. Today the family share their story and vision for the future.

Our History

Piave was founded in 1993 by Anthony Schieven and Louis Crema, with a name coined by Loui’s father Beppi, inspired by the Piave river in Northern Italy.

Originally existing predominantly as a means to supply their construction company Crema’s jobs, they built a plant in Port Melbourne, with Anthony managing the plant and Louis looking after finance and administration.

The biggest project that Piave was awarded in its early inception was the Crown Casino, supplying to builder Grocon.

These days, we produce four times the amount of concrete per year than we did back in 1993. But, we continue to be family-run, with Anthony’s son Justin now running the Port Melbourne plant, and Topaz and Michael Crema heading up the office.

Our Core Values


We always behave honestly and with good moral judgement. We stay true to our word, act with honesty, and never pretend to be something we’re not.


We strive to excel in every aspect of our business, always providing the highest quality products and service we can. We are constantly raising the bar for ourselves, and the wider industry.


We’re committed to improving every single day and are always pushing for progress. We constantly look for new opportunities to integrate new technology, so we can offer industry-leading solutions.