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With a leading wide range of concrete and additives we’re able to work with you to create the exact type of concrete that will make your project a success.

Our Range

Standard Concrete

Advanced Concrete

Environmental Concrete

Piave can achieve 3 points of green star-rated concrete suitable to the green building council Australian standards (GBCA) listed below. We have the ability to produce 15mpa-80mpa green star-rated mix designs at any slump necessary.

If you’re not confident about what type of concrete you need for a project, simply call our plant and speak to one of our friendly concrete experts. We can help determine the best concrete for your specific needs.

Cement replacement (2 points)

We use 2 different bi-products of cement which we mix with our standard cement. Slag, which is a bi-product of steel, and Fly Ash, which is a Bi product of coal.

Water replacement (0.5 points)

All of our concrete plants recycle the water that is distributed around their yard. All the recycled water is monitored insuring that it is perfect to be mixed through the concrete.

Aggregate (0.5 points)

Our Port Melbourne plant has the ability to use a sand replacement, which is a form of recycled crushed rock and dust mixed together in a pugmill, giving a sand-like constancy that is known as manufactured sand.

Concrete Additives