Most Trusted

Whether it’s a big or small job, we’re dedicated to producing the best possible result. We’re heavily focused on efficiency, investing in high-productivity solutions so that we can reduce costs and errors for our customers. Our concrete technologist has the expert knowledge to develop the exact concrete to suit a project’s needs.

Our Plants

Our concrete plants are strategically located in Fairfield & Port Melbourne, servicing Tier 1 sites as well as the broader Melbourne suburbs.

City (Port Melbourne)

The heartbeat and mothership of Piave, where 120m3 of concrete can be produced and out the door per hour. With the ability to produce concrete 24/7, and 25 AGI’s based out of our Port Melbourne plant, we can meet customers’ needs no matter the size of the pour.
We deliver in a 25-kilometre radius from this plant.

Eastern Suburbs (Fairfield)

Our Fairfield plant provides suburban solutions with a city specification. We have 10 AGI’s based at this plant. Delivering within a 25-kilometre radius, we are able to support local customers’ needs.


Coming Soon.

Our Fleet

Our large fleet allows us to be flexible and fast-moving, so you can be sure your concrete will be there exactly when you need it.


Our fleet of agitators is made up of triaxles (8m3 load), twin steers (7.2m3 load), single steer (6m3 load) and mini mixes (2.2m & 3.2m3 loads).


Our trucks & dogs can hold and transport between 30 and 47 tonnes of raw materials.


Our tankers hold up to 30 tonnes of cement.

Committed to

We’ve implemented strict quality control measures to ensure we maintain our high standards at all times.

  • Strict concrete production protocols and supervision to Australian Standards.
  • NATA-accredited concrete testing.
  • Stringent material selection and handling.
  • Managing aggregate stockpiles and monitoring aggregate moisture levels.
  • Statistical analysis of all concrete test results.

We genuinely care about our customers, and will go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. If we make a mistake, we’ll own it. And more importantly, we’ll get it fixed before it becomes a big problem.